David Choe High Risk Extended Cut FILM Graffiti Street Artist Facebook Vice DVDASA Documentary 2015

David Choe’s First exposure film put out by the artist called “High Risk” directed Harry Kim : a dirt hands production film by Harry Kim & Dacid Choe

The Life Art and Crimes of David Choe by Harry Kim and David Choe

A Dirty Hands Production Directed by Harry Kim & Produced by David Choe Harry Kim

Featuring many conversions with Sean Parker from Napster & Facebook, Choe’s Art Teacher Steve Baroney, Juxtapost / Giant robot / Upper Playground etc…

I don’t own this video it’s here for learning purposes and rartistic creative influence.

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A Dirty Hands Production Dirceted by Harry Kim
@0:46:30 / United States / 2015 / R / English
Categories Documentary
Director(s) Harry Kim Special Apperances from Actor & Actresses(s) including Sean Parker, Giant Robot, Upper Playground, Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Jane Choe (Mother/Artist), Kevin Smith (Jay & Silent Bob), Eli Roth (Actor), Jimmy Choe Sr. (Father), Martin Wong, Saber (Artist/Grafitti Icon), Sasha Grey (actress), James Jean (artist), DVDASA, Asa Akira, Harry Kim (son of uncles nephew).

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Max Hazan 200HP Turbo / @MotoGeo Adventures

For this motorcycle adventure, Jamie jumps on the Triumph Tiger and heads down to Hazan Motorworks in Los Angeles to catch up with his buddy Max Hazan, and then ride his latest creation, a 200HP Turbo V-Twin Buell.

Moto + Adventure = @MotoGeo


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Foo Fighters Meets 70’s Bobby Caldwell – Live Looping Mashup by Elise Trouw

An Elise Trouw cover mashup of “Everlong” by Foo Fighters and “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell.

Recorded and Filmed in one take by Blowhole Sound (Scott Lehman) –

Live looping triggered through Ableton Live using the internal IAC MIDI driver.


Vintage Pearl drum kit
Pearl Jupiter snare
Paiste 14

Homies Ep.8 "Street Jazz"

Rye’s guys escape the bowls to wreck the round bars and steep banks out in the wild. This crew can’t stay captive. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here: http://www.thrashermagazine.com http://www.facebook.com/thrashermagazine http://www.instagram.com/thrashermag Tweets by thrashermag

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The Racist Roots Of Rap On Trial | Louder Than A Riot | NPR Music

Mac the Camouflage Assassin. Boosie Badazz. Drakeo the Ruler. Mayhem Mal. Since the 1990s, police and prosecutors have used lyrics to build and try criminal cases against rap artists. It’s weak evidence and lazy prosecution that blurs the distinction between entertainment and criminal confession. And it’s only happening in hip-hop. From the U.S. government’s policing of jazz and blues to rap lyrics on trial, NPR Music’s Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden trace Black music’s criminalized history and lay out the racist implications behind prosecuting hip-hop.

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‘Precious Metals’: Starring Les Claypool & Robert Trujillo

Presented by EMG Pickups, this Northern California Gold Rush story has a surprise twist you didn’t see coming. Thrills, chills, suspense, and groove that won’t quit. Precious Metals, a 5 star film for the masses. Starring Les Claypool and Robert Trujillo Filmed and produced on location in Northern California by Claypool & Claypool 2020 Buy the Les Claypool Signature ‘Pachyderm Gold’ EMG pickups here: https://www.emgpickups.com/bass/les-claypool-lc-set.html Check out more from Cage Claypool: https://youtube.com/c/cageclaypool https://www.instagram.com/cageclaypool

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Homestead Paradise: got barren land, boosted it at a profit

In the early 90s, Mark and Jen Shepard bought a degraded corn farm in Viola, Wisconsin, and began to slowly convert it from row-crops back to a native oak savanna that would become one of the most productive perennial farms in the country. After 8 years of homesteading in Alaska (arriving just as the Homestead Act was expiring) where they had been forced by low-paying jobs to discover “which trees, shrubs, bushes, and vines we could get food from”, they arrived in the Driftless Area

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Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK: Calma Carmona

Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK was the opening event of AFROPUNK’s

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Disney’s Stunt Robots Could Change How Hollywood Makes Action Movies | Movies Insider

Disney’s new

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Carrot Top | Tom Green Live

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Things might get a little surreal on the next edition of TOM GREEN LIVE when Tom is joined by cheerfully deranged stand-up comedian Carrot Top. Like an animated cartoon come to life, Carrot Top has elevated prop comedy to truly loony art. He’s one of the biggest stars in Las Vegas entertainment, but he’ll be taking the night off to drop by AXS TV’s TOM GREEN LIVE! Hilarious Episodes of Tom Green Live drop every Friday on Laugh Trax. Stream Every Episode

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Iron & Wine – This Solemn Day

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Starcrawler – Bet My Brains

‘Bet My Brains’ is the lead single from Starcrawler’s forthcoming album Devour You, out now on Rough Trade. Buy & stream it here: https://starcrawler.ffm.to/devouryou Produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, YYYs, Arctic Monkeys), ‘Bet My Brains’ distills Starcrawler down to its essence with a massive guitar riff, rollicking drums and a wide screen performance by Arrow de Wilde that illustrates just how ready this band is to explode into the mainstream. Directed by Jellyclaw Produced by Somesuch Editorial: Final Cut Editor: Miky Wolf Assistant Editor:

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Toy Machine Vaccine

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