Julius Evola – Revolt Against the Modern World – Episode 1: Foreword

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Revolt Against the Modern World series, based on Julius Evola’s book of the same name.

Our aim with this series is much the same as Evola’s aim in writing the book: we wish to lay down a testimony in order to preserve this ancient wisdom for future generations. We remain connected to the World of Tradition by only the most fragile, frayed thread and it is imperative to preserve as much of it as possible as we move through this dark age of history.

In this episode, we explore the foreword of the book, covering some concepts that will be essential to understand before moving ahead in our journey to understand what it means to revolt against the modern world.

While it is not necessary to read the book in order to enjoy this series, we do highly recommend it, as it is a great book!

3D-Printed in 24h, no waste. Price to fall as builds ramp-up

Thanks to new extra-large 3D printers, it’s now possible to print a house with a machine that extrudes a material – usually concrete/cement or a polymer, but more lately even earth – in an entirely additive process so there is exponentially less waste in construction.

Mighty Buildings can print a home in just 24 hours in their Oakland, CA factory using a thermoset polymer composite that is cured with a UV light (on the printer head). The process is fast enough for the material to support its own weight allowing for organic shapes but slow enough that there is cohesion between layers.

The company stayed in stealth mode while working through the regulatory challenges of such a novel technology. “The reality is the building codes are written in blood,” explains Mighty Building’s co-founder Sam Ruben, “and we want to make sure that we’re actually getting ahead of that because we don’t want 3D printing to get in the codes only when something goes wrong. So that’s why we’ve moved iteratively to make it as easy as possible for building officials to say yes and allow us to begin delivering units while we continue to demonstrate and build out our portfolio.”

To launch 3D printed homes with their iterative approach they began selling units with just a printed curved wall that were sized to be dropped into backyards as ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). And now, they have begun selling kit homes so anyone can customize their own printed home. “The idea here is instead of delivering fully finished modules, we actually deliver a flat-pack panel system similar to a Sears Kit Home from the ‘20s and ‘30s, but updated for the 21st century.” Ruben calls it a “SIPS panel on steroids” because unlike a SIPS panel it can be used as an exterior cladding with a finish that acts as an air, water, vapor, and fire barrier.

Mighty Buildings hasn’t tried to print everything and, instead, they are taking cues from the shipbuilding industry by buying prefab sections (like bathrooms) so they can plug and play to quickly finish units on a larger scale.

They also hope others will be interested in collaborating and setting up their own Mighty factories to print more locally and rapidly. It’s another reason they’ve worked with the largest standards-making bodies to help develop their new regulations for 3D printed construction. “We helped develop the world’s first standard for 3D printed construction (UL 3401) which has been used as a basis for appendix AW in the 2021 international residential code update that means that jurisdictions that use the IRC can plug it into their local codes”.

*On faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/they-3d-print-a-home-in-24h-now-want-to-custom-print-yours/

FedEx tinkerer custom builds no-waste micro farmstead


The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary 2021 | 7NEWS Spotlight

It is now beyond doubt that strange, anomalous objects filling our skies and caught on camera are the real deal. Even the Pentagon admits it’s true. These seemingly intelligently controlled craft are operating above the clouds, in our oceans and in our orbit – travelling at hypersonic speeds far beyond any known human technology and completing manoeuvres unknown to science. The subject of conspiracy and derision for years, UFOs are now the hottest topic in Washington and the world. Five-time Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist Ross

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Brilliant Off-Grid Geodesic Greenhouse Perfect for Homesteading & 4 Season Food Production

Full tour of 3 off-grid passive solar growing domes that can be used as 4-season year-round greenhouses in just about any climate and growing zone. The geodesic dome structure can withstand up to 7 feet of snow and ~180km/h wind speeds. They’re built with cedar struts to withstand humidity, marine-grade aluminum hubs for strength, and polycarbonate panels that provide a 1.6 R-value and are fully recyclable. In Canada, these growing domes are sold by Arctic Acres: https://arcticacres.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/arcticacres/ https://www.instagram.com/arctic_acres/ In the US, these growing domes

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Discussion with Filmmaker John Carpenter

Filmmaker John Carpenter sits down with New York Film Academy students to discuss his long career in filmmaking.

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How Mushroom Time-Lapses Are Filmed | WIRED

Louie Schwartzberg is a pioneering artist who has filmed some stunning footage of mushrooms growing over the course of 40 years. WIRED goes behind-the-scenes with Louie to find out how these amazing time-lapses were made for Netflix’s Fantastic Fungi. Experience the movement, the greatest minds in fungi unite this fall for the virtual Fantastic Fungi Global Summit, October 15–17, register at http://www.FantasticFungi.com Louie Schwartzberg would like to thank all the additional time-lapse cinematographers who worked on the film, including Stephen Axford, Eric Deren, Wim Van

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Ep. 96 | 2 Bears, 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Roy Wood Jr.

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Kevin Nealon | Tom Green Live

Seriously. Funny. Talk. A champion at subversive patter unleashes his whimsical word play on TOM GREEN LIVE as actor and comedian Kevin Nealon zips by to banter with Tom. Nealon is a veteran of

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Talib Kweli & Jeff Ross On Chappelle’s COVID Shows, Bea Arthur, USO Tours, Etc | People’s Party Full

In this episode of

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rare footage of 1950s housewife in LSD experiment

Rave matters…. All rights reserved to the artists and record labels. For any issue please send message at About page.

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B-Real on Dad Shot 12 Times, Joining Bloods, Forming Cypress Hill, Ice Cube Beef (Full Interview)

In this VladTV exclusive, B-Real of the legendary group Cypress Hill stopped by to have an in-depth conversation about the group’s history and his personal journey as well. B-Real recounted his early days in the streets as a member of Family Swans Bloods, the formation of Cypress Hill, and why he chose to never broadcast his gang affiliation in his music. Later on, B-Real talks about his close friendship and eventual beef with Ice Cube as well as how the Eminem and Everlast situation started.

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Nardwuar "Who Are You?" Compilation


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