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Dennis Hopper (RIP) Left Legacy to UFO researchers

• June, 2010

Dennis Hopper Film “Easy Rider” Left Big Legacy to UFO Researchers Dennis Hopper may have passed away, but along with his many film appearances, he has left an important legacy to UFO researchers. That’s the belief of Vancouver-based paranormal researcher Jon Kelly, who says the script that Hopper and “Easy Rider” co-star Peter Fonda wrote for the 1969 counterculture classic helped introduce a lot of information about UFOs to a massive audience. Kelly points to the campfire scene where Hopper (who played Billy) and cast

Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Dead

• April, 2009

Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Dead {BDO 2003} .::. <<video>> Lyrics: Its late enough to go drivin And see whats mine Thats a study of dying How to do it right Youre a holy roller Get your bed in the loose If youre hanging around Im holdin the noose Come a little bit closer And get on tight In a hurse rollin over Just a track in the line Fuck it Come on, lets go drivin Come on, lets take a

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