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Town where cocaine is the only currency

• June, 2008

Town where cocaine is the only currency By Jeremy McDermott in Guerima Last Updated: 11:04PM BST 15/06/2008 Guerima, a remote Colombian settlement, wants its Marxist rebels back. With the national army deployed in a stranglehold around the town, there is nobody to traffic the town’s only commodity – drugs. JERRY MCDERMOTT A shoe shop owner weighs out coca base handed over by a customer in exchange for goods More than 1,000 people live in Guerima, carved out of the Amazonian rainforest. Its clearings are filled

Inside one of Britain’s cannabis factories

• June, 2008

By Julian Joyce BBC News By toughening the law on cannabis the government hopes to drive a crackdown on UK “farms”, many of which have sprung up in recent years. In the cellar beneath Jimmy’s house, cannabis seedlings flourish under bright lights. Upstairs, taking over half the attic, more mature plants flower in lamp-lit trays, amid the hum of automatic water and nutrient delivery systems. This is “hydroponic” cannabis – grown without soil in trays. Jimmy’s indoor “farm” is one of many to have sprung