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Reverse Graffiti: Ossario-Alexandre Orion

• April, 2009

Reverse Graffiti: Ossario-Alexandre Orion .::. <<video>> La cynic:: Rather than spraying paint all over the place, these arty pieces are produced by removing the dust and dirt that lingers around at places where heavy traffic n city pollution paints the places black with the filthiness that lurks in the shadows of our consumerist “welness”. more from this artist to be found here: The above video is one made about the origins of this brilliant play on the world’s mind. All credit goes out to

Councils dumping more than 200,000 tonnes of recycling every year

• April, 2009

Councils dumping more than 200,000 tonnes of recycling every year By Simon Neville and Christopher Hope Last Updated: 3:40PM GMT 22 Dec 2008 Household rubbish put out for recycling is being dumped in landfill sites or sent to incinerators by three out of four councils, a Daily Telegraph investigation has discovered. Up to 200,000 tonnes of recyclable waste was dumped last year with some councils failing to recycle over 10 per cent of glass, paper, plastic and other materials left out by conscientious homeowners. The

Search for ‘Alien Life’ Could Start on Earth

• April, 2009

Search for ‘Alien Life’ Could Start on Earth Irene Klotz, Discovery News Feb. 17, 2008 No need to leave the planet to look for alien life perhaps it’s here, in peaceful coexistence with or complete isolation from the standard variety that permeates Earth. “If life does form readily under Earth-like conditions, shouldn’t it have formed many times over, right here on our home planet?” said Paul Davies, a theoretical cosmologist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University. “There’s no planet more Earth-like than Earth itself.” The

Here’s the “AIRpod” car on… Air

• April, 2009

Here’s the “AIRpod” car on… Air La Cinyc AIRPod is the culmination of MDI studies on pollution and urban mobility. This concept will be the first to leave the production line in spring 2009. MDI will respond to an invitation to tender of the city of Paris, “Autolib’”, and is already the subject of applications for various municipalities. With small size, a tiny price, zero pollution, fun and futuristic design, AIRPod mark a turning point in the range of urban vehicles while renewing the idea

Global warming? It’s the coldest winter in decades…

• April, 2009

Global warming? It’s the coldest winter in decades By Tony Bonnici NEW evidence has cast doubt on claims that the world’s ice-caps are melting, it emerged last night. Satellite data shows that concerns over the levels of sea ice may have been premature. It was feared that the polar caps were vanishing because of the effects of global warming. But figures from the respected US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that almost all the “lost” ice has come back. Ice levels which had shrunk

Tropical Forests Recover From Clear-Cutting

• March, 2009

Tropical Forests Recover From Clear-Cutting Emily Sohn, Discovery News Deforestation is generally considered to be bad news, especially in the tropics. But there may be some hope: In many places, trees are growing back, according to new research, and some of the new forests are nearly as diverse as the old ones were. The work adds to a growing sense that tropical forests are more resilient than scientists previously thought and that second-growth forests are far from worthless.