B-Real on Dad Shot 12 Times, Joining Bloods, Forming Cypress Hill, Ice Cube Beef (Full Interview)

In this VladTV exclusive, B-Real of the legendary group Cypress Hill stopped by to have an in-depth conversation about the group’s history and his personal journey as well. B-Real recounted his early days in the streets as a member of Family Swans Bloods, the formation of Cypress Hill, and why he chose to never broadcast his gang affiliation in his music. Later on, B-Real talks about his close friendship and eventual beef with Ice Cube as well as how the Eminem and Everlast situation started.

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Nardwuar "Who Are You?" Compilation


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Nardwuar interviews Misfits in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2002 ! Thanks to Bev Davies for the pics ! Doot doo ! Nardwuar Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nardwuar Nardwuar Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/nardwuarserviette Nardwuar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nardwuar/ Nardwuar Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nardwuar/ Nardwuar Website: http://www.nardwuar.com/ Doot doo !

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Tom Talks – Ep16 w/ Talib Kweli

Today on Tom Talks, renowned hip hop artist Talib Kweli stops by. First off, Talib tells Tom about growing up in New York, different rap styles and his relationship with producer Hi Tek. Next, Talib talks about the new Black Star album, meeting Dave Chappelle for the first time and the misunderstanding of Lauryn Hill. Last, Tom and Talib discuss their show in Las Vegas, each other’s writing process and the difficulty of freestyle. http://tomsegura.com/

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The Basement Toads – Burning Caravan (2021) (New Full Album)

The Basement Toads – Burning Caravan (Full Album) The Basement Toads is a heavy rock band from Switzerland. The Basements Toads develop a rock dyed of country, metal and psychedelic music. This is the first album of the band. A spicy mixture of Tool, Metallica, Red Fang and Blackberry Smoke…so it’s pretty hard to define a proper style. Welcome to a 52 minute journey that talks about war, drugs and human weakness but also love and courage. All the lyrics are inspired by true stories

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Universe Size Comparison 3D

Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, including black holes and even galaxies. Basically a comparison of the entire Universe. Support the channel on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/HarryEvett All measurements represent diameter. Enjoy! Music: ‘Get Back Up’ by Silent Partner Made with Blender 2.79

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See a Salamander Grow From a Single Cell in this Incredible Time-lapse | Short Film Showcase

Witness the ‘making of’ a salamander from fertilization to hatching in this six minute time-lapse. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe ➡ Get More Short Film Showcase: http://bit.ly/ShortFilmShowcase #NationalGeographic #Salamanders #ShortFilmShowcase About Short Film Showcase: The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are

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Rosebud Baker: Whiskey Fists – Full Special

In her debut special, Rosebud Baker uses her signature wit and combative edge to take on everyone from health care workers to ex-boyfriends to her very own family. (Contains strong language.) Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtw7q4SyOeoCwM1i_3x8lDg?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more Comedy Central Stand-Up: https://www.youtube.com/standup Follow Comedy Central Stand-Up: Twitter: https://twitter.com/standup Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/standup Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ccstandup More from Rosebud Baker: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/rosebudbaker Twitter: https://twitter.com/rosebudbaker Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RosebudBakerNYC/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosebudbaker/ Watch full Comedy Central stand-up specials: http://www.cc.com/shows/stand-up #RosebudBaker #StandUp #WhiskeyFists

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Ari Shaffir: Passive Aggressive – Full Special 2012

Comedian Ari Shaffir’s full comedy special. Ari has plenty of other stuff on YouTube. From podcasts, to fake ads, to 100 for-real yoga classes. Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/sub-shaffir ┈ Ari’s second comedy hour is about growing up. Social etiquette, road rage, childhood flirtations, sloots/hoowahs, the herp, living together, parenthood, pot licenses, abortion, racial diabetes, pulling out, and a Bobby Lee revenge story. No matter what Ari tries to deal with in his life, he’s going to be passive aggressive when dealing with it. #AriShaffir #StandupComedy #PassiveAgressive

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How Google’s Wing Drone Delivery Aircraft Works

Will drone deliveries be a practical part of our future? We visit the test facilities of Wing to check out how their engineers and aircraft designers have developed a drone and drone fleet control system that is actually in operation today in parts of the world. Here’s how their VTOL drone works and what it’s like to both load and receive a package carried by an autonomous aircraft! Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Norman Chan Additional footage courtesy of Wing Music by Jinglepunks

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[HOONIGAN] Jump Cuts: SENDING IT in the Streets of Long Beach! In The New Polaris RZR Pro R

When Polaris lets you mod their all-new RZR Pro R AND gives you access to off-road champion RJ Anderson, what do you do? Well if you’re us, you put in some calls and take over a city. In this case – Long Beach, California. AKA home of the Donut Garage. What better way to give our old location a proper sendoff, than with a full Send-Off? We know you want to learn more about the Brand New RZR Pro R but you’re going to have

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques | Mohamedou Ould Slahi | The JBP Podcast – S4: E:49

This episode was recorded on June 7th 2021. Dr. Jordan Peterson’s guest Mohamedou Ould Slahi shares his experience with more than a decade of torture, interrogation and depression in Guantánamo Bay. Mohamedou starts with his childhood and guides us through his journey across Germany and Canada. The life-changing phone call and his hard-to-hear torture sessions are shared as he explains the change he experienced in his beliefs. Check out this episode to listen to how his 14 years of pain ended. Mohamedou Ould Slahi was

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Dinosaur Jr.: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It’s the same spirit — stripped-down sets, an intimate setting — just a different space. Stephen Thompson | Aug. 3, 2021 In the year-plus that we’ve been recording Tiny Desk (home) concerts, artists have worked hard to reproduce the Tiny Desk vibe through special effects ranging from Phoebe Bridgers’ Oval Office backdrop to clipping.’s tininess-enhancing miniature set.

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