We zijn het zat (Dutch tv)

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BACKGROUND Sea the Truth is based on numerous scientific publications that examine the problems of seas and oceans. Below follows an overview of the themes addressed in the film and a brief explanation. DEEP TROUBLE: WHALE MORTALITY CAUSED BY OVERFISHING According to a report of the New Zealand news channel 3News sea mammals, among which whales, are dying of malnutrition. The makers claim that this is caused by overfishing. Watch the report here: . FISHING POLICY AND QUOTA Fishing policy around the world is destructive.

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Ukraine Burning

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Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part1

The pursuit for dominance is the primary propellant of history, always has been, always will be. Those who don’t identify this assumption are not excused in the grand chess game, but instead are displaced and exploited by forces they do not comprehend.

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Everlast – ” Jump Around? “

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Riz MC – Radar

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Riz MC feat. Aruba Red & Plan B – All Of You

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16 Horsepower – Poor Mouth

16 Horsepower – Poor Mouth, live at Pinkpop 2000 .::. <<video>>

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Tricky – Poems

Tricky – Poems .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> Poems – Tricky. Carries you on soundwaves and lyrics as poetic as the title itself. Love it or hate it. The Massive Attack roots are still lingering…

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