Inside one of Britain’s cannabis factories

By Julian Joyce BBC News By toughening the law on cannabis the government hopes to drive a crackdown on UK “farms”, many of which have sprung up in recent years. In the cellar beneath Jimmy’s house, cannabis seedlings flourish under bright lights. Upstairs, taking over half the attic, more mature plants flower in lamp-lit trays, amid the hum of automatic water and nutrient delivery systems. This is “hydroponic” cannabis – grown without soil in trays. Jimmy’s indoor “farm” is one of many to have sprung

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Beatbox Cook

<<Editors notE>> LMAO

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HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control

HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control <<video>> Part1: Part2: <<Editors notE>> Imagine all the things that we could do with this sort of technology… Imagine the things we could destroy with this technology… Imagine…

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MUTO by Blu

MUTO by Blu .::. <<video>> The new short film by Blu an ambiguous animation painted on public walls. Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) More information: music by Andrea Martignoni produced by Mercurio Film assistant: Sibe

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Camp Lo – Coolie High

Camp Lo – Coolie High <<video>>

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The Brotherhood – One Shot

The Brotherhood – One Shot <<video>> <<Editors notE>>

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Stichting Legalize! – Paddoverbod: Klink-klare onzin

Bekijk de foto’s van volgende actie: Stichting Legalize! – Paddoverbod: Klink-klare onzin ism Theo Maassen

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Hans Teeuwen TV

<<Editors notE>> Hans Teeuwen is getting bored and starts putting online home-made sketches. follow link below for his site. Mostly Dutch content. Hans Teeuwen TV

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