The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) <<Update>>

The largest particle accelerator in the world, the LHC of the European Center for Physics has had his first “test run” last week and since I promised to put online some more pictures about the whole CERN – complex, I will give u this gallery of pictures below. Enjoy the beauty of it: <<editors note>> Click the images to see them individually, click again to watch them in full glory <<editors note>> Unfortunately we didn’t have any “black hole” pictures ;) sources:: LHC – Official

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Why Britain is now a Third World country

Why Britain is now a Third World country by Jeremy Clarkson BRITAIN is a rich and civilised country with many trains, a rule of law, benefits for the needy and much public transport. Unfortunately, none of it actually works any more. Not the weather. Not the Government. Not even our useless national football teams. And it gets worse. Want a passport? I did recently and it took three trips to London before they finally decided what forms I actually needed. Small wonder half of Somalia

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Punish Yourself – CNN War

Punish Yourself – CNN War <<video>> <<editors note>> Comment… no comment… <<Editors notE>>

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Hed PE – Pac Bell

Lyrics: We used to drive all night Wed get high all the time She used to call me all the time Now she dont She used to call me all the time Wed go out all the time You little angel, you look so fine Why the fuck you fucking with me Why the fuck you playing with me Why the fuck you wasting my time Why the fuck you hiding my sunshine With friends like you who really needs it Your smiling face is

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Stephen Lynch – Craig

Stephen Lynch – Craig <<video>>

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The Magnetic field movie

Magnetic Field movie. Explains some things in a funny way

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