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In a century of animated cinema, the importance of animator Max Fleischer cannot be overstated. Fleischer created Betty Boop, produced the original Popeye and Superman cartoons, and also invented the Rotoscope. Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored is on a mission to restore the films of Max Fleischer from original prints and negatives. We visited the team and restoration expert Steve Stanchfield at Blackhawk Films, a film scanning facility in Southern California to learn about the restoration process and watch a classic Koko the Clown short brought back to life.

Watch restored Fleischer cartoons at
Fleischer Toons –
Steve Stanchfield – Thunderbean Animation
Film Preservation Associates, Inc. Blackhawk Films –
Mauricio Alvarado –
Mark Kausler –

Shot and edited by Josh Self
Music by Jinglepunks
Additional video courtesy Fabulous Fleischer Cartoons Restored and in public domain

Films seen here
The Mechanical Monsters (1941) –
The Fortune Teller (1923) –
The Cartoon Factory (1924) –
Koko’s Earth Control (1928) –
Christmas Comes but Once a Year (1936) –
The Birthday (1922) –
Sinbad the Sailor Dir. Ub Iwerks –
Cobweb Hotel (1936) –

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