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“Israël vs Hamas” p1 .::. <<Cartoon>>

• January, 2009

Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff on the current “war” in Gaza Carlos Latuff <<Editors notE>> Every day of this week around 4:20 one of his cartoons will get posted in order to protest against yet another wrong war. (Hence war is … always wrong? Hence there never is “a goal to be reached” but the strategical ones that listen to “economics”, “geo-politics”, … There never are any “winners”… even the billions of dollars produced by mass weapon industry don’t pay up for one life lost…) more

Women too tipsy to totter home get free flip-flops

• December, 2008

Women too tipsy to totter home get free flip-flops From The Times November 28, 2008 The resort of Torbay has spent £30,000 of taxpayers; money on flip-flops for women who are too drunk to stagger home in high heels. The initiative by Safer Communities Torbay, a partnership between Devon and Cornwall Police, Torbay Council, the fire and rescue service and the local education authority, is meant to reduce the number of injuries caused by ‘dangerous’ footwear, including stubbed toes and sprained ankles. The scheme, funded

How they used to get rid of whales in the 70’s…

• December, 2008

How they used to get rid of whales in the 70’s… .::. <<video>>

Cop Tasers himself

• November, 2008

Cop Tasers himself <<Video>> <<Editors notE>> Aawww… and they helped him out with his injuries afterwards… isn’t that sweet… <<Editors notE>> And this one below is an oldie already but it reminded me of the one above… As I always say… Tricks are for kids…

Wazzup – Budweiser

• November, 2008

Wazzup – Budweiser original .::. <<video>> <<editors note>> First we see the original Budweiser “Wazzup” commercial (the pre-Bush one ;) ) afterwards we see the one… afterwards… post-Bush . . . ah well, have a laugh. Enjoy! Wazzup – Budweiser 2008 .::. <<video>> segundo…

Why Britain is now a Third World country

• September, 2008

Why Britain is now a Third World country by Jeremy Clarkson BRITAIN is a rich and civilised country with many trains, a rule of law, benefits for the needy and much public transport. Unfortunately, none of it actually works any more. Not the weather. Not the Government. Not even our useless national football teams. And it gets worse. Want a passport? I did recently and it took three trips to London before they finally decided what forms I actually needed. Small wonder half of Somalia

Stephen Lynch – Craig

• August, 2008

Stephen Lynch – Craig <<video>>

Beatbox Cook

• June, 2008

<<Editors notE>> LMAO

Hans Teeuwen TV

• June, 2008

<<Editors notE>> Hans Teeuwen is getting bored and starts putting online home-made sketches. follow link below for his site. Mostly Dutch content. Hans Teeuwen TV