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kid koala – drunk trumpet

• May, 2009

kid koala – drunk trumpet .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> kid koala with “drunk trumpet” . A clip I couldn’t resist showing. Amazing turntable skills (all the ones who have known Kid Koala for a while now, know what we’re talking about). I hope to bring more footage of his work in the future. Enjoy! <<Editors notE>> Check out our music video feeds.

Deltron 3030 – Memory Loss

• February, 2009

Deltron 3030 – Memory Loss .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> Kid Koala, Deltron 3030, Dan the Automator Memory Loss Deltron 3030

Del the funky homosapien- At the helm video

• February, 2009

Del the funky – At the helm .::. <<video>>

Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact

• February, 2009

Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> And yet another nice one from Deltron’s 3030. Absolutely Positive!

Deltron 3030 – Virus

• February, 2009

Virus – Deltron 3030 .::. <<video>>

Jeru The Damaja – D. Original

• November, 2008

Jeru The Damaja – D. Original .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> Yet another one of them “oldies” Bring it on Jeru… bring it on!

System Of A Down / Wu Tang Clan – Shame

• November, 2008

System Of A Down / Wu Tang Clan – Shame .::. <<video>> <<Editors notE>> Sick clip of System Of A Down n “Tha Wu” with a Tribute to… ODB I guess… at least the song reminds me of the way ODB used to bring it… Brooklyyyn Zoo! ;)

Hed PE – Pac Bell

• August, 2008

Lyrics: We used to drive all night Wed get high all the time She used to call me all the time Now she dont She used to call me all the time Wed go out all the time You little angel, you look so fine Why the fuck you fucking with me Why the fuck you playing with me Why the fuck you wasting my time Why the fuck you hiding my sunshine With friends like you who really needs it Your smiling face is

Beatbox Cook

• June, 2008

<<Editors notE>> LMAO