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Why Britain is now a Third World country

• September, 2008

Why Britain is now a Third World country by Jeremy Clarkson BRITAIN is a rich and civilised country with many trains, a rule of law, benefits for the needy and much public transport. Unfortunately, none of it actually works any more. Not the weather. Not the Government. Not even our useless national football teams. And it gets worse. Want a passport? I did recently and it took three trips to London before they finally decided what forms I actually needed. Small wonder half of Somalia

Punish Yourself – CNN War

• August, 2008

Punish Yourself – CNN War <<video>> <<editors note>> Comment… no comment… <<Editors notE>>

Hed PE – Pac Bell

• August, 2008

Lyrics: We used to drive all night Wed get high all the time She used to call me all the time Now she dont She used to call me all the time Wed go out all the time You little angel, you look so fine Why the fuck you fucking with me Why the fuck you playing with me Why the fuck you wasting my time Why the fuck you hiding my sunshine With friends like you who really needs it Your smiling face is

Stephen Lynch – Craig

• August, 2008

Stephen Lynch – Craig <<video>>

Giant pyramid capable of housing one million people to be built in Dubai

• August, 2008

Ancient civilizations, the Maya and Ancient Egypt, are known for their incredible art of architecture. The ancient people could never imagine that the form of their pyramids would be used as a model for the latest ecology-friendly construction that will become another decoration of Dubai, reports. [ad name=”Single Post Banner 468×60″] Timlinks, which develops environmentally safe projects, has recently published several stunning images of a giant pyramid titled Ziggurat. The company also posted the information regarding the plans to officially open the pyramid during

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies

• August, 2008

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies <<video>> <<Editors notE>> People = Sheeple Open those third eyes ;)

Beatbox Cook

• June, 2008

<<Editors notE>> LMAO

MUTO by Blu

• June, 2008

MUTO by Blu .::. <<video>> The new short film by Blu an ambiguous animation painted on public walls. Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) More information: music by Andrea Martignoni produced by Mercurio Film assistant: Sibe

Camp Lo – Coolie High

• June, 2008

Camp Lo – Coolie High <<video>>