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National Press Club UFO conference

• November, 2008

National Press Club UFO conference .::. <<video>> <<editors note>> This video is almost a year old, but it’s worth the watch since alot of worldly governments are declassifying their UFO files. Some objects are simply not identified and well, shouldn’t we kind of know what is up there in the skies instead of just acting like nothing is going on and calling certain witnesses “nutters”? Whether or not these crafts are “man-made”. I like to know what the government knows since the government is mostly

Robot with Rat-Brain

• October, 2008

Robot with Rat-Brain <<video>> <<editors note>> So… what could robots with human brains do…

Punish Yourself – CNN War

• August, 2008

Punish Yourself – CNN War <<video>> <<editors note>> Comment… no comment… <<Editors notE>>

Stephen Lynch – Craig

• August, 2008

Stephen Lynch – Craig <<video>>

The Magnetic field movie

• August, 2008

Magnetic Field movie. Explains some things in a funny way

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies

• August, 2008

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies <<video>> <<Editors notE>> People = Sheeple Open those third eyes ;)

Mitchell Pierce :: Sidewayz

• August, 2008

Mitchell Pierce :: Sidewayz <<video>> Enjoy some sliding fun [ad name=”Single Post Banner 468×60″] More biking pleasure:: killacycle video mission one ev sport bike explodes out of stealth cool concept motorcycles

Big Wave Surfing Fun

• August, 2008

And now just off for some Big Wave Surfing Fun!:: C’mon, just gettin some feet wet :P

Walkway of death… Enjoy!

• June, 2008

Found this one somewhere… enjoy and remember: Tricks are for Kids… more info on the climbing spot: