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“Gomorra” latest news (which I heard through the grapevine…)

By “La Cinyc”

So it seems that this movie about the Napolitan maffia, based on a book from the hands of Roberto Saviano, is already being found on the black market in Napels.
This market, by the way, is probably mostly controlled by the Camorra.

So while Saviano is hiding away out of fear for attacks by the Camorra for actually writing the thing, the Camorra themselves are distributing the illegal copies… A win win situation I guess?

Either way, what a wonderful world we are living in, now aren’t we?

Ofcourse we shouldn’t be too surprised this happens though, any well selling movie is worth copying n distributing. And it’s good business for China’s illegal market of dvd’s ;). (Or… for whomever owns the whole operation…)

Before anyone wants to kill me for this news… I only heard it through the grapevine… don’t blame the messenger… cheers!

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source:: Grapevine
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