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Hofmann’s Potion

Connie Littlefield, 2002

This documentary offers a compassionate, open-minded look at LSD and how it fits into our world. Long before Timothy Leary urged a generation to “tune in, turn on and drop out,” the drug was hailed as a way to treat forms of addiction and mental illness. At the same time, it was being touted as a powerful tool for mental exploration and self-understanding. Featuring interviews with LSD pioneers, beautiful music and stunning cinematography, this is much more than a simple chronicle of LSD’s early days. It’s an alternative way of looking at the drug… and our world.

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An insightful documentary which gives people a chance to actually get a different view on the matter.
Not all that our beloved daddy government tells us is the “truth”.
More information on the subject and on Albert Hofmann can be found in some of the links below:

Oh and remember people, tricks are for kids…
Inform yourself, try not to jump on the ignorance train n make up your own mind, set yourself free.

source:: National film board of Canada
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