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Virus – Deltron 3030 .::. <<video>>

Deltron 3030 – Virus Lyrics::
Global controls will have to be imposed
And a world governing body will be created to enforce them
Crises percipitate change.

Secretly plotting your demise
I wanna devise a virus
to bring dire straits to your environment
Crushing corporations with a mild touch
Trash the whole computer system and revert you to papyrus

I wanna make a super virus
Strong enough to cause black outs in every single metropolis
Cuz they dont want to unify us
So fuck it
total anarchy and can’t nobody stop us

You see late in the evening
Fucked up on my computer and my mind starts roaming
I create like a heathen
The first cycles of this virus i can send through a modem

Infiltrate and hit your station
No microsoft or enhanced dos with mp
Society thinks theyre safe when
Bingo hard drive crashes from the rending

A lot of hackers tried viruses before
vaporize your text like so much White-out
I want it where file replication is a chore
Lights out shut down the entire White House
I don’t want just a bug that can be corrected
I’m erecting immaculate design
Break the nation down section by section
Even to the greatest minds
its impossible to find


We have already planned
the plan is programmed into every one of my 1000 robots
we will not hesitate
we will destroy the homo sapien
please say where you are

I wanna develop a super virus
Better by far then the old Y2K
This is 3030 the time of
global unification break right through their
terminals burn em all
slaves of silicon
corrupt politicians with leaders and their keywords

FBI and spies stealin bombs
dissipitate their plans
and (?) catch the fever

Everybody loot the stores get your canned goods
Even space stations are having a hard time
Peacekeepers seek to take our manhood
which results in a form of global apartheid

ghettos a trash dump for gas pumps
exploded and bunt out just before the great union
the last punks walk around like mass monks
ready to manipulate the database or break through em

human rights come in 100 hundredth place
mass production has always been number one
new earth has become a repundant (?) place
So its time to spread the fear (?)

for long have we tried to extend our glorious empire out to the stars
only to be driven back


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