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Colossal squid’s big eye revealed

• December, 2008

Colossal squid’s big eye revealed By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News website The huge eye of the world’s largest squid has been revealed by scientists dissecting a rare, intact half-tonne specimen in New Zealand. About 27cm (11in) across, researchers believe the colossal squid’s eye is the biggest animal eye ever found. The 10m-long (34ft) specimen has also turned out to be female, surprising the scientific team. Very little is known about colossal squid; only about 10 have ever been caught and brought to shore.

Cop Tasers himself

• November, 2008

Cop Tasers himself <<Video>> <<Editors notE>> Aawww… and they helped him out with his injuries afterwards… isn’t that sweet… <<Editors notE>> And this one below is an oldie already but it reminded me of the one above… As I always say… Tricks are for kids…

Four teenagers were horrifically slain by “Satanists”

• September, 2008

Four teenagers were horrifically slain by Satanists — stabbed 666 times each and then eaten. <<editors note>> Ofcourse the media twists and turns this bedtime story with the just and unjust use of the words “satanism” and “devil worshippers” and “goths” and confusing a whole lot of different terms with the wrong practices but still… gotta love vladimir… or was it… ah nevermind… in reality very terrible indeed… The gang of Devil worshippers butchered their victims and roasted them on a bonfire before devouring their

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) <<Update>>

• September, 2008

The largest particle accelerator in the world, the LHC of the European Center for Physics has had his first “test run” last week and since I promised to put online some more pictures about the whole CERN – complex, I will give u this gallery of pictures below. Enjoy the beauty of it: <<editors note>> Click the images to see them individually, click again to watch them in full glory <<editors note>> Unfortunately we didn’t have any “black hole” pictures ;) sources:: LHC – Official

Punish Yourself – CNN War

• August, 2008

Punish Yourself – CNN War <<video>> <<editors note>> Comment… no comment… <<Editors notE>>

Giant pyramid capable of housing one million people to be built in Dubai

• August, 2008

Ancient civilizations, the Maya and Ancient Egypt, are known for their incredible art of architecture. The ancient people could never imagine that the form of their pyramids would be used as a model for the latest ecology-friendly construction that will become another decoration of Dubai, reports. [ad name=”Single Post Banner 468×60″] Timlinks, which develops environmentally safe projects, has recently published several stunning images of a giant pyramid titled Ziggurat. The company also posted the information regarding the plans to officially open the pyramid during

Mitchell Pierce :: Sidewayz

• August, 2008

Mitchell Pierce :: Sidewayz <<video>> Enjoy some sliding fun [ad name=”Single Post Banner 468×60″] More biking pleasure:: killacycle video mission one ev sport bike explodes out of stealth cool concept motorcycles

Big Wave Surfing Fun

• August, 2008

And now just off for some Big Wave Surfing Fun!:: C’mon, just gettin some feet wet :P

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

• August, 2008

The largest particle accelerator in the world, the LHC of the European Center for Physics, will start in August , as being told by CERN in Geneva. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a circular tunnel 27 kilometers long at the height of Geneva and the Swiss-French border. In this tunnel particles are fired at nearly the speed of light that in turn come into conflict with each other. This collision creates a multitude of new particles. At full speed and thanks to more than

Walkway of death… Enjoy!

• June, 2008

Found this one somewhere… enjoy and remember: Tricks are for Kids… more info on the climbing spot: