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While many watch the revolutions starting virtually on a daily basis in the “developing world”, few are concerned that these have any chance of occurring in the United States: “our society is far more cohesive and far less stratified” the rebuttal logic goes. Is it?

Over the past two years, the one social class that has received the most voluminous amount of opprobrium is the ubiquitously derogatory “bankster” which represents far more a wealth and income qualification, that a job description. Americans it appears are becoming increasingly sensitive to the stratification within our own society, even if on a subliminal level. And while we have repeatedly shown before in visual terms just how polarized US society is, it is worth reminding every few months or so, that the US is rapidly becoming a banana republic not only in its approach to legislative and judicial matters (not to mention regulatory), but toward the distribution of income and wealth.

Not that there is anything wrong with a stratified society: after all, that is the purest hallmark of a capitalist society. However when one introduces the basest elements of socialism (and, ostensibly, communism and fascism according to some) in its midst, then things get far more transparent and subjective. Below we once again bring to our readers attention, in easily digestible format, the dramatic schisms that continue to tear through the fabric of US society.

And if there is anything that the revolutions in the Maghreb should have taught us by now is that extreme social polarization can only last for so long before a violent snapback restores equilibrium, usually through bloodshed and death.

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So again… who still believes in “democracy” as being a true value… as being “the way to go”.
Do you see now why western societies try to “install” the democracy of today everywhere around the world?
It’s all part of the giant globalist scheme…

“Doublespeak” (1984 – George Orwell) is all too visible when u try to read between the lines/lies.

The wealthy always get wealthier (remember the economic meltdown not so long ago… well… while “the world was suffering” the rich were dancing on many graves. If u realize they can “bet” against the flow of where we should be taken to, then u also see why they wanted for all of this too fail…
And who is bailing out the banks/bankers that caused most of this misery: us, the people, AGAIN!

Too big to fail… is like saying some people are too fat to die… (quote stolen from a comedian somewhere… remember, we laugh… because it’s true…)

Either way, people, it never is too late… Educate yourself! Spread the word! And never fear what is to come. Never fear the unknown, because you WILL be in the know if you try to do your homework properly.

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