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Germany’s foreign ministry says it has signed an agreement with Afghanistan to give 14 million dollars to Taliban militants, who choose to lay down their arms, every year.
Berlin says the contract will be valid for five years and the cash will only be paid to militants who lay down their weapons.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Wednesday that reintegrating former militants into the Afghan social and political fabric is crucial to stabilizing Afghanistan, DPA reported.

However, the funding goes against the stated goal of the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which was to hunt down al-Qaeda militants and to root out the Taliban.

As a member of the military alliance, Germany joined the US-led war in Afghanistan violating its constitution, which forbids Berlin from military involvement in any wars.

The 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan was launched with the official objective of curbing militancy and bringing peace and stability to the country.

Nine years on, however, American and Afghan officials admit the country remains unstable as civilians continue to pay the heaviest price and militant commanders remain at large and have resorted to negotiation with the very terrorists they initially opted to eradicate.

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So… to set things straight… we started sponsoring the Taliban in their battle against Russia… Then we didn’t need em anymore n let em run wild. Then we pretend being attacked by a great great threat (Al Qa’eda) with at the head of this all… the formerly sponsored Taliban… So we invade the country/ies in order to bring “peace” (hmmm “doublespeak”). And now after almost ten years of battle… we decide to just bring them more money… just to keep themselves busy for a while, keeping the “planet” safe…

Ok… it IS more complicated than that, but, come on… when will we start handling the REAL problems here, being the poverty, the oppression, the …

Or was there another agenda?

(puts tin foil hat on)
It can’t be the oil that is in abundance over there?
It can’t be the archaeological treasures they recently dug up over there?
It can’t be putting our own people there to keep an eye(bog bro!) on the public?
No it’s probably really just what it is, we are freeing the people over there out of the hands of the radical muslims… (uh wait, before 9/11 … there were less radical muslim operations going on than today? No no, can’t be, the people can’t be mad for us bringing them peace…)

Either way, make up your own minds though… read, listen, think for yourself…