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Price of cocaine set to plunge, UN warns

18 Feb 2009

The price of cocaine is set to plunge further because Europe is being flooded with the drug through new smuggling routes, the United Nations drugs chief Hamid Ghodse has warned.
Traffickers are exploiting networks in West Africa and Eastern Europe to bring the drug in from South America.

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said cocaine prices would continue to fall unless action was taken to block the new supply routes.

It comes less than a week after Home Office figures suggested a line of cocaine is now cheaper than a pint of lager or glass of wine.

The INCB annual report said South American drug producers are switching supplies from the Caribbean and North Atlantic to avoid Royal Navy and US authorities.

Stockpiles of the drug are building up in West Africa from where it is shipped to the UK and the rest of Europe either directly or via the Balkans.

Traffickers are also loading commercial flights with “large numbers” of passengers acting as drug mules, swallowing as much as a kilogram of cocaine each.

This “shotgun approach” makes it more difficult for police and customs officials to spot every mule, it said.

INCB President Mr Ghodse said: “I think prices are likely to fall providing the governments don’t step up their efforts to intercept supplies.

“The route of transporting for traffickers has become relatively easier and less susceptible to interdiction.”

Shadow home affairs minister James Brokenshire said: “Drug crime has rocketed under Labour and the Government has failed to secure our porous borders. Cocaine and heroin are being sold at ten year low prices and it’s deeply disturbing to think that hard drug supply into the UK may increase further.

“The drug dealers have flourished whilst the Government has floundered.”

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That’s why the government is in a big crisis (cocaine price is tumbling). And that’s why they have to react more aggressive (push more cocaine to keep with their business all over the world).

It’s one of the many deals they have running… just like printing more paper money… they need it…

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