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Compilation video – robots 2009

Robots 2009 Part 1::
This video contains the following robots: Justin, Uria, passive walkers, Wakamaru, Probo, Relique2, Rolly, Keepon, Hubo FX-1, humanoid Nao,…

Robots 2009 Part 2::
This video contains the following robots: Pleo, RAMeX, BioRob, CESR foot, DLR arm, DLR crawler, Flame, Gilberto, HAL, Hiro, Cycab,…

<<Editors notE>>
Now imagine all of those military robots for the bad and all those construction robots for the good? Powered up by lithium ion power packs, recharged via solar power cells n just building a better nicer world for all of us (after demolishing the evil terminator type black ops killabot squads).

We are allowed to dream right?

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source:: Bram Vanderborght

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