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This episode was recorded on June 7th 2021.

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s guest Mohamedou Ould Slahi shares his experience with more than a decade of torture, interrogation and depression in Guantánamo Bay. Mohamedou starts with his childhood and guides us through his journey across Germany and Canada. The life-changing phone call and his hard-to-hear torture sessions are shared as he explains the change he experienced in his beliefs. Check out this episode to listen to how his 14 years of pain ended.

Mohamedou Ould Slahi was detained for 14 years at Guantanamo Bay detention camp without charge. Though the Mauritanian citizen continued journaling while imprisoned, the U.S. government declassified it. In January 2015, the diary became an international bestseller and a 2021 drama film titled “The Mauritanian”.

Read Mohemdou’s memoir: http://guantanamodiary.com/

Watch the trailer of The Mauritanian on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WJSjln30BQ

Follow Mohamedou on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mohamedouould


[00:00] Intro
[00:18] Jordan Peterson introducing Mohamedou Ould Salahi.
[01:36] Mohamedou’s childhood.
[07:27] Education and various tribes in Mauritania.
[12:36] Getting a scholarship in Germany, Edith Piaf, and the different schools he attended in Mauritania.
[17:01] The tribes of Mauritania.
[20:06] Being alone in Germany.
[28:11] His journey in Germany.
[34:01] The life-changing phone call.
[39:41] Mohamedou’s marriage.
[40:30] What happened after the phone call?
[44:10] Leaving Germany and going to Montreal.
[48:58] The plan to lure Mohamedou out of Canada.
[55:18] The prospect of being tortured.
[59:10] Initial interrogations.
[01:04:10] Living in Mauritania before 9/11.
[01:04:56] Post 9/11.
[01:10:05] Listening to torture sessions.
[01:13:18] The torture in prison.
[01:21:40] The transformation of his beliefs.
[01:26:24] Mohamedou’s depression.
[01:29:28] The plane to the US.
[01:33:49] Assuming guilt.
[01:37:46] The interrogations leading up to Guantanamo Bay.
[01:41:10] Arriving at Guantanamo Bay.
[01:45:53] The first interrogation at Guantanamo Bay.
[01:50:15] Enhanced interrogation techniques.
[01:51:21] Reading in prison.
[01:59:36] Torture at Guantanamo Bay.
[02:09:50] The confession.
[02:17:32] The lie detector.
[02:22:26] The end of his torture.
[02:26:16] Being alone in his cell.
[02:27:57] The road to freedom.
[02:36:47] The Mauritanian (a movie made about his story).
[02:37:20] Mohamedou’s current attitude towards everything.

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