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Louie Schwartzberg is a pioneering artist who has filmed some stunning footage of mushrooms growing over the course of 40 years. WIRED goes behind-the-scenes with Louie to find out how these amazing time-lapses were made for Netflix’s Fantastic Fungi. Experience the movement, the greatest minds in fungi unite this fall for the virtual Fantastic Fungi Global Summit, October 15–17, register at

Louie Schwartzberg would like to thank all the additional time-lapse cinematographers who worked on the film, including Stephen Axford, Eric Deren, Wim Van Egmond, Patrick Hickey, Tim Shephard, Taylor Lockwood and Upthink Labs.

Fantastic Fungi is currently streaming on Netflix and is distributed in partnership with Area 23a

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How Mushroom Time-Lapses Are Filmed | WIRED

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