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Mission One EV sport bike explodes out of stealth at 150 MPH! .::. <<video>>

Mission Motors has just revealed its all-electric sport bike
and the family-friendly version of our initial reaction goes something like, “Holy Mother of God and all that is good and decent!”, followed immediately by the sound of our jaws hitting the floor. After a couple of years of staying almost perfectly in stealth mode, the Mission One is being unveiled today at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. The Yves Béhar-designed bike sets a new performance standard for electric two-wheelers with a top speed of 150 mph and an estimated range of 150 miles. Of course, the strength of an electric drivetrain is torque and the Mission One has 100 lb-ft of the stuff on offer from the first twist of the throttle up until 60 mph. When it makes its race debut at the TTXGP on June 12th, we suspect the other entries will be scrappin’ it out for second place.

To bring this amazing machine to market, Forrest North and his two co-founders, Edward West and Mason Cabot, have assembled a real dream team with incredible depth and experience and whose resumés list companies like Tesla Motors, Ducati and Google. The first 50 bikes produced will be a special Limited Edition model delivered in 2010 bearing a $68,995 price tag, while a standard, more affordable Mission One will be announced this summer. If the goal of this company was to create a paradigm-busting object of desire, then we say, “Mission accomplished.” Mouth watering specs below and official press release after the break.

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The technology has already been there for a long time… they just have to produce it on mass scale to get at it as cheap as possible and make it far easier and faster to load it all up (or have small battery packs as an extra “fuel” source.) All of this energy provided has to be coming from sustainable sources as well. (solar n windpower stations to fuel the electric vehicles along the roads.)

Many many ideas have already come to mind. Too much to mention here. Either way, Tesla could have at least made sure the bike looks… way better… was more power efficient… cheaper… One day we’ll all might buy one. Or steal one and ride it… (sorry, to ride it like you stole it…)

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