Solar power plant goes hybrid

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Solar power plant goes hybrid

An Israeli company wants to prove it doesn’t need constant sunshine for a solar power plant to make non-stop electricity to power off-grid communities.

AORA is constructing its first hybrid solar power station in Israel’s Negev desert, where companies are competing to create more efficient technologies and tap into the multi-billion dollar clean energy market.

AORA’s idea is to combine traditional fuel such as biomass or diesel with low-carbon solar power, during daylight, to generate uninterrupted electricity.

The approach is a novel answer for handling the variability of solar power, a major challenge which otherwise requires expensive batteries or other forms of storage to provide round-the-clock power.

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Well, this is what I mean with this sort of technology, it’s one step in the right direction. Though in the best cycle we just re-use ALL of our garbage to either create new things or to create a environmentally friendly source of bio-fuel derived from everything we throw away. (simplistically stated here of course, just use some imagination and your own research to see all of this is possible with the right mind state… not necessarily good or bad to make profit out of a closed cycle… )

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