Despot, Mr. Mf’n eXquire, Killer Mike and El-P – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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Music for the masses – 10 videos for your earholes

Just throwing in 10 videos I recently added to one of the youtube music video playlists. Enjoy! Chinese Man Live – Racing with the Sun Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So Maybe No Placebo – Pure Morning

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EUROMANIA – Uncovering The European Union

A FILMMAKER ON A SEARCH TO UNCOVER THE EUROPEAN UNION: Does Europe provide jobs and democracy, or is it a big business project? A deeply personal and revealing documentary from the creators of the 2012 hit Panopticon. EUROMANIA shows what is happening to people and countries all over Europe.

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Visualtraveling – The Persian Version

Visualtraveling – The Persian Version from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo. Skateboarding has once again taken us to a bizarre part of the world. Never thought we would be filming tricks in downtown Tehran, Iran if you asked me a couple years ago. Very pleased to present 'The Persian Version'. Enjoy a journey from Iran to Turkey via the usual land transportation in our continuous trek zigzagging around the Eurasian peninsula. Featuring Laurence Keefe, Michael Mackrodt, Kenny Reed, Tobias Ulbrich, MJ Rahimi, Gosha Konyshev, Walker Ryan,

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17 Days In Community – A Manifestation of Love

17 Days In Community – Full Length from Hasi on Vimeo.

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Mass Incarceration in the US

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We zijn het zat (Dutch tv)

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BACKGROUND Sea the Truth is based on numerous scientific publications that examine the problems of seas and oceans. Below follows an overview of the themes addressed in the film and a brief explanation. DEEP TROUBLE: WHALE MORTALITY CAUSED BY OVERFISHING According to a report of the New Zealand news channel 3News sea mammals, among which whales, are dying of malnutrition. The makers claim that this is caused by overfishing. Watch the report here: . FISHING POLICY AND QUOTA Fishing policy around the world is destructive.

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Ukraine Burning

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